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Video production service in San Diego

When you turn to our agency, you're reaching out to specialists from various fields of video production. We can create both stunning 3D animations and impactful TV commercials for you. Clients in San Diego most frequently request the following projects from us:

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Promotional video production

You have a great product, and we have a great team. This means your advertising video campaign is destined for success! 

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Corporate video production

Do you need a non-boring corporate video? Or do you want a boring one? We can do both. But let's go with fun, shall we? Please.

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Digital video production

We have a hypothesis that no one reads service descriptions.If you've noticed there's no description of our service here, just text, then reach out to us, and we'll give you a three percent discount on your digital video project.

Examples of our video marketing agency's workding

When you order a video from Lava Media, you get not only content but also a comprehensive expertise in video marketing, which will allow you to run a successful video advertising campaign. 

Hear what our amazing customers say

"Team was flexible"

Their team was flexible with their full-cycle production. From the concept to the very end, we were very happy that Lava Media did most of the things themselves. They didn’t annoy us with questions.

Roman Stikhanov
PR Director at Meizu

"High professionalism"

The uniqueness of the agency lies in its high professionalism, which can be easily adjusted to projects of any complexity and format.

Anton Beljkov
PR Head at Vivo

"We are completely satisfied"

Videos created by Lava Media have received high engagement from viewers. We are completely satisfied with the agency's services.

Daria Ilinskaya
Recruitment Specialis at Mazars

We don't just make videos 

Video is one of the most effective advertising tools, but it's also one of the most expensive. Our agency's team knows exactly how to plan an advertising video campaign, from audience research to creative writing and filming. With us, you can be confident that your video marketing budget will pay off.

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10+ years of work 
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800+ videos filmed
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$45,000+ average media budget
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100m+ views attracted 
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The art director is preparing the product for the promotional video shoot.
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