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Lava Media Team 

At first, we were a powerful team united by a single office. During the pandemic, we became a team connected by the Internet. Now, with several offices worldwide and numerous remote teams, we are united as Lava Media.

Organizing a live broadcast during a pandemic
Professional film camera filming a location in the form of an apartmentThe director looks at the monitor to approve a shot of a commercial.
Our Story

The story behind
Lava Media

It's challenging to summarize the entire agency history in 4 cards. But we'll give it a try. In our Instagram, there are more of such cards with our history.



We were a two-person agency. The first had experience as a director at MTV. The second had experience producing commercial YouTube projects.


Big client  

The smartphone brand Meizu entrusted all of its marketing to us. We didn't disappoint - we increased the brand's market share to 4%.



We finally realized that we want to focus solely on video production and promotion. We've chosen this specialization.



We started filming videos worldwide. After a year, our first project in America took place.

Our Team

The team behind Lava Media

Lava Media constantly employs 20 people. On average, we have 3 project offices open simultaneously for serial content production. We consistently collaborate with various creative teams worldwide.


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of video do you specialize in?

In our team, each of the production producers is responsible for their own direction: TV video, corporate video, educational, etc. For each individual project, we hire a suitable production team. Individual videos always require individual teams.

Do you have high prices?

We always tailor the project implementation (creative approaches, video style, distribution channels) to fit your budget. We provide honest guidance on how to best allocate your budget within the scope of your video advertising campaign.

What sets you apart from others?

Our first advantage is that we view video not as a standalone element but as a part of the marketing process. Our team has expertise in the entire marketing process. We don't just create video; we know how to conceptualize it, whom to target, how to convey the message effectively, and where to distribute it.Secondly, we are a global agency. We leverage the expertise of specialists from around the world, making our budgets competitive by distributing tasks among our various offices.

How to ignite our advertising video campaign?

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