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Uncharted Video Commercial

When filming a commercial for a game turned into a game

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Brand video

Marketing Goal

Increase attention to the game's release

Target Audience

Fans of the game

Project Timeline

1 month

Uncharted Video Commercial

Project Overview

We enjoy taking on challenging assignments, and December was no exception. We were thrilled when a client from PlayStation approached us to create a promotional video for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. The video was intended for online promotion, and it aimed to remind viewers of the exciting treasure hunt adventure in the game. The PS5 version of the game is set to be released in 2022, and the client wanted to generate buzz around the game ahead of its release.

Project Execution

Task and input from the client

The client had an idea for a video where game scenes would be brought to life by a live actor, conveying the dynamics and spirit of the game. The viewer would be immersed in the action and feel the excitement. The shooting was scheduled to take place in an abandoned sanatorium, with the famous tracer as the main participant. The client pre-selected the location and the hero. It was a challenging concept, but we were up for it. Plus, we all love PlayStation!

Working on the script

During the briefing, we agreed to focus on the main points, which included maintaining a positive attitude without any aggression or chase scenes. We aimed to create a video that captured the spirit of dynamic adventures. We discussed the storylines and outlined how the scenario would interact with the game. Ultimately, we came up with a concept that featured a hero sitting in front of a TV with a console. He sees an advertisement for a new version of the game "A Thief's End" clicks on it, and is then transported to a location. He navigates through the game's spectacular scenes, running and jumping, while searching for a prize on the map.

Preparing for filming

We created a storyboard for the script and prepared images of the hero. We presented multiple options for relaxed clothing to be worn "in front of the TV" as well as the main appearance in the game. We also worked on accessories and selected real-life analogues of gaming equipment, such as a clamshell hook on the hip. The customer chose and approved the images for the home and drive. We received several feedbacks on the storyboard and addressed them quickly. For instance, we had to remove a spectacular jump across the abyss, which was not in the real location. Therefore, the Lava Media film crew is fully prepared for the shoot!

Change of location

The sanatorium that had been selected for shooting was closed for reconstruction in 2010. Since then, the complex had been abandoned, but restoration work began just before filming. We worked with the customer to quickly find a new location, and after considering several options, we decided on the country house of Gendarmerie Colonel Kvitko. This location resembled a medieval fortress in miniature and was perfect for treasure hunting.

Bringing the video to perfection

We shot everything behind the scenes and then edited the video. Next, we selected several suitable voice-overs and sent the final product to the customer for approval. The customer liked the voice of the person who voiced Deadpool and suggested a few edits. The suggested changes included shortening the video by 10-15 seconds, removing some of the jumps, keeping the run along the roof and removing it along the beam. The customer also wanted the beautiful jump through the window to remain in the video, but requested that the color scheme be corrected. Additionally, the customer wanted the logo to appear gradually instead of immediately. Based on this feedback, we made the necessary adjustments, added voice and music, and the final product turned out to be really cool. It was so good that we wished we could play Uncharted ourselves!


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