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Video editing, color correction, sound design, clean-up, and more. Rest assured, you can trust us with your recorded videos.

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Post production services


With the same material, you can create different stories: dynamic - fun, slow - tragic, or lyrical - motivating. Our editing directors are skilled in various genres.

Audio and sound

Want to enrich your video with various sounds and effects? Or simply clean and mix audio for a podcast? Our sound designers are ready to assist you!

Color correction

We have our own color correction studio with calibrated monitors. Send your material and a reference or describe the mood you want for the image, and we'll adjust it to your liking!


Sometimes, a camera device or a few extra trees sneak into the frame - it's a common situation for you. And for us, it's no big deal. We'll seamlessly retouch and erase them as if they were never there.


If you find this service interesting, then you must have something exciting in mind for us! Want to add explosions? Create a 3D space for your characters? Or perhaps clone a crowd? Wow, we love that kind of stuff!

Graphic and motion-design

That moment when the client decides to add infographics to the video or make it more vibrant with motion design. We're right here to swiftly tackle this task within your budget.

A CGI specialist at the office of the 3D production studio, Lava Media.
Testing screens with the launch of 3D animation.A 3D animator is working on creating a model.
Lava Media Team

Post production

You've put in tremendous effort to shoot the video. Our team will compile the final footage on time and with high quality. By choosing us, you are hiring an entire office of skilled post-production specialists with extensive experience, working exclusively on top-performing computers. Forget about all the hassle with post-production; we'll take care of everything!

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