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Engage your audience with dynamic animated explainer videos. We bring stories to life through expertly crafted visuals that convey your message effectively. With a wide array of animation styles at our disposal, your video will stand out from competitors, leaving a lasting impact.

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Explainer video production services


We curate a custom animation style tailored to your industry. Whether it's a whiteboard approach for B2B communication or a tech animation for your app, our expertise ensures your message resonates. Your video speaks your language, delivering impactful results.


We provide reference materials, giving clients insight into project budgets. With our portfolio of explainer videos for business, marketing, and startup ventures, you gain a clear understanding of pricing and costs before embarking on your project.


We craft scripts accompanied by illustrative examples, giving clients a clear preview of the final video. Whether it's educational or healthcare explainer videos, our approach ensures you visualize the end result before production begins.


Illustrations are tailored to each project, selected by artists who excel in the chosen animation style identified during the style determination phase. Whether you're seeking technology, professional, or exceptional explainer videos, our team of skilled artists is dedicated to bringing your unique vision to life.

Motion design

Our expertise adds dynamic movement and visual flourishes, elevating engagement and amplifying impact.

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Our best explainer videos

A CGI specialist at the office of the 3D production studio, Lava Media.
Testing screens with the launch of 3D animation.A 3D animator is working on creating a model.
Lava Media Team

Explainer video production team

Lava Media approach to creative storytelling ensures that your message not only informs but captivates your audience. The versatility of our animation styles allows us to adapt visuals to align seamlessly with your brand identity and resonate with your target viewers.

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