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Increasing conversion in service registration

Boost user registration conversions with dynamic animations. Learn from our case with a drone service

When your service receives thousands of registrations per day, it becomes incredibly important to track intermediate conversions during the user registration process. You simplify registration fields, change the interface - basically, you do everything to increase the percentage of users completing the registration process.

While working with one of our clients, a drone launch permission service, we proposed testing the following hypothesis: creating unconventional explainer videos about the registration process on their website.

The key feature of these explainer videos is that they aren't screen recordings; they are dynamic animations illustrating the entire user journey. This approach visually conveys a playful and easy perception of the process. I'm attaching an example of our video to this post.

What did this achieve? The client's conversion rate to the final stage of registration indeed increased. However, it's essential to consider specific risks when planning such videos - your interface should undergo all A/B testing before the video creation. These types of videos are often manually crafted from scratch. Therefore, significant changes in the interface would result in significant changes in the video.

Increasing conversion in service registration

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