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When to use animated explainer video

Discover why investing in these visuals is vital for your brand's differentiation

An animated explainer video is a type of video content that may not always make it clear whether investing marketing budget in it is worthwhile. If we're talking about trending explainers, like the one I'm attaching to the post, the cost starts at $5,000. We made this video ourselves to explain to clients the process of creating an advertising video.

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I'll say it right away - this type of video primarily serves to strengthen visual differentiation from competitors. In our case, some video productions made similar instructional videos by recording themselves and inserting stock footage to illustrate the text. If we had done something similar, we would have been secondary. With such an animated explainer, we were the first. Of course, this set us apart from competitors.

Most often, clients ordering such animated explainers are companies from the IT industry and complex manufacturing. In industries where capturing stages and processes of a company's work is challenging - either they're virtual or mechanically complex - animated explainers are favored.

The second type of clients seeking such videos are companies with a visual style that animation can enhance. Even an HR agency, if it communicates through static 2D characters and illustrations, can seamlessly incorporate such animation into its visual style.

If you're not from the IT industry and are considering animation, consider:

1. What style of video content (filming, animation) do your competitors create?

2. What video style will set you apart from competitors?

3. What will be more cost-effective to produce?

When to use animated explainer video

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