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How much does an animated video cost?

Animated videos are a great way to grab attention and attract leads. Here’s our guide for choosing the right style and budg

We will show examples of animated videos in four categories:

  • Explainer
  • Presentations
  • Advertising 
  • Product 

Explainer videos

Your task is to show visitors the safety rules of your factory. Filming a live-action video seems the logical choice. However, with animation you don’t need to spend  the time and resources filming on location. Animation comes to the rescue.  

A beautiful, minimalist video is an effective way to communicate with potential employees at your company.

Budget: $5,000

Animation can show solutions to specific tasks in an unexpected and attractive way.

Budget $7,000

A very minimalist animation explaining how a computer security system works.

Budget: $4,000

Colorful 2D animation can provide eye-catching transitions in presentations. 

Budget: $15,000


Imagine having to make a presentation to your Board of Directors and explain the results of a costly project. You have loads of data and want to give the presentation some energy. An animated video is a great way to achieve this. Animation can display complex ideas visually, making your presentation dynamic and easy to understand. By opening with an animated video, you’ll put your best foot forward—and make your presentation memorable.

Photo-realistic 3D animation can depict large-scale industrial projects, such as those involving the extraction and transportation of iron ore.

Budget: $16,000

A video is an excellent option for explaining complex, technical steps and processes. 

Budget: $6,000

A brief animation demonstrating the connection between household activities and the Cloud. 

Budget: $12,000


Animation is a powerful way to motivate viewers to learn more about your product or service. Hook your viewers from the first seconds, and set yourself apart from your competition. 

A simple medical animation that explains complex science. By repeating many rendered elements, the animation looks stylish, but is actually very simple to produce. 

Budget: $3,000

Cartoon-style animation can make potentially dry subjects, such as finance, fun and engaging—so you stand out. 

Budget: $4,500

Flat animation can help create visual analogies that are instantly recognizable. In this case, exaggerating the contrast between drab Soviet colors and more vibrant, modern styles. 

Budget: $6,000

3d madness -this is how our next video can be described. Visually, the video is measured and structured, and the content corresponds to the spirit of the brand -a marketplace with a huge selection of goods.

Budget: $15,000

In contrast to the previous video, this 3D video is concise and measured, using soft forms and transparent textures. If a particular service is difficult to understand due to its technical complexity, a video series can provide viewers a more positive first impression. 

Budget: $10,000

This video conveys its meaning solely using titles. It can be long and dynamic, holding viewers attention. 

Budget: $800

Animation combines classic and visual storytelling. Elements work in harmony as they change and move. Nothing should be superfluous. A video such as this will impress customers with fine detail and vibrant editing. 

Budget: $15,000

Product animation

Presenting a product through animation is an opportunity to look at it from a perspective that  the human eye cannot see.

If it were not for the presentation of this product in 3D, it would be difficult for us to look at the materials from which it is made. A special charm to this video is given by various weather conditions -snow, rain -and this is the most difficult thing in 3D modelling.

Budget: $13,000

This type of video creates a distinctive “gaming” vibe using motion graphics, sound design, and light play—all in keeping with the client’s brand guidelines.

Budget: $8,000

 How much does an animated video cost?

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