The animator at work

How to make a remarkable onboarding video?

Technical onboarding videos simplify new job setup but need engaging visuals to avoid dullness

Interesting technical onboarding videos can help viewers maintain their attention and absorb the information they are receiving more easily.

In this article, we will show you several interesting visual techniques that you can apply to your video projects.


A static intro with the company logo can be a good start for a video, but it is likely not attractive enough for viewers. Viewers typically expect to see something interesting and informative from the beginning of the video. Animated elements are better suited for the beginning of the video.

 A story-driven 3D intro leading to the logo

In the first 10-15 seconds of the video, you can show several 3D scenes that illustrate your business. The scenes can display different aspects of the company's business, such as production, warehouse, office spaces, work processes, etc.

Example of environment and element design:

Example of transitioning between scenes and arriving at the logo:

The final logo can transform into a 2D format with a subsequent transition to the next sequence. Example:

 Macro shooting

Filming equipment details helps video instruction creators provide more accurate and detailed instructions for assembly, use, and maintenance of equipment. This significantly reduces the number of errors and incorrect actions on the part of users.

Filming in super macro mode. Such filming will bring not only practical benefits but also creative ones.

Filming in macro mode allows displaying equipment details in very high resolution. This can be especially useful for filming small details that are difficult to see with the naked eye. And as you can see from the example, this filming mode creates a beautiful effect!

And if there is fire in your work, then you must use slow-motion filming.

3D graphics

3D graphics create a visual representation of complex processes that are difficult to understand based solely on textual descriptions or spoken instructions. For example, if the instructions concern the operation of a complex mechanism, 3D graphics can show how all the components interact with each other.

Minimalistic 3D graphics showing the essence of the process

The minimalist style allows the focus to be on the process itself, bypassing unnecessary details and elements. Such graphics can be used in various instructions and technical videos, regardless of the specific topic.

Creating a technical instructional video can be done in various ways. We shared some ideas with you, but the specific set of tools should be chosen for your task, budget, and desired level of detail and visual impact on the viewer.