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SEO optimization of your b2b video

How not to lose the free reach

Sometimes, our clients, to whom we've created promotional videos or corporate films, limit themselves to simply uploading the video on YouTube with a very standard title structure like "Brand. Video about Product XYZ."

We always strive to provide our clients with a crucial recommendation, which I will share here as well - perform SEO optimization for your video. Just 10 minutes of work, and your video will gain additional free reach.

Video Title

Understand the common search queries your customers use when looking to purchase your product. You can do this either through tools like or through the relatively free Google Keyword Planner.

Example: Let's take our video for a timber manufacturer: 

Conventional Title: Red October. Wood Processing Plant.

Optimized Title: Buying Timber Products: Boards, Sawdust, Wood Chips. Softwood, Hardwood. Red October Plant.

Video Description

The description should also consist of relevant keywords that customers might use to find your video. These keywords can be derived from the aforementioned tools, analyzing direct and indirect queries related to the products featured in the video.

Conventional Description: Full-cycle Wood Processing Plant: From harvesting to transportation and processing of wood without intermediaries.

Optimized Description: Red October. Wood Processing Plant. We offer high-quality kiln-dried planed timber. Our product range includes boards for wood processing, US-IV grade, chopped logs 30-40 cm in length, and round logs 0.5-2.0 meters for domestic and industrial use, and so on.


If we are talking about YouTube, you can use hashtags in both the video description and the channel. Hashtags are a concise list of keywords. In our example: timber, wood processing, boards, sawdust, wood chips, softwood, and so on.

Conclusion: A little SEO optimization for your B2B video can lead to free traffic from search engines.

SEO optimization of your b2b video

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