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Don't forget about these specialists when shooting training videos

We list important professions necessary on set for training video production

For a couple of years, we, at Lava Media, shot 300 training videos in a month. Yes, 300 videos of 15 - 25 minutes each! It was a huge amount of content, the team worked all day in several shifts.

Probably, precisely because of such a specific experience, another client contacted us again. And at the briefing, I remembered that very often they forget about three super important specialists when planning such projects: a methodologist, editor on set and a production editor.

So who are they?


The methodologist is a specialist who structures your entire body of knowledge and condenses it into a training video. Yes, the client can have his own ready-made knowledge base. But it is super important to look at it with a fresh eye and translate it into the words of the presenter so that the viewer understands the essence of the material.


The editor on the site is a specialist who monitors what the presenter says. In our project, for example, there were many formulas and scientific terms. The host was an excellent speaker, but did not understand the subject of the video. Therefore, his words were rechecked by the editor right during the filming.

Producing editor

The producing editor is a specialist who checks the final video for semantic logic. Since your video may consist of with incomprehensible terms that are illustrated by more incomprehensible infographics, the post-production team, despite the script, may confuse something (put the formula in the wrong words of the presenter, etc.). So, before delivering the video to the client, it will be reviewed by the producing editor, who understands the logic of complex material. 

Conclusion: for training videos with complex material, one screenwriter is not enough, the work of a whole team is needed, which will monitor the content.

Don't forget about these specialists when shooting training videos

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