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How much does it cost to shoot a video in 2024?

Production budget structure

If you're planning to shoot video content anytime soon, you'll need to understand how a production budget is structured. Let's break down one of our past projects.

Header of the estimate

Let's start with the header - it's important to specify the number and duration of videos here. If you consistently brief the contractor on different types of content, make sure the final estimate includes the required number of videos and durations.


Most often, the equipment is always rented. Prices can be double-checked with rentals in your city. In the case of complex shoots, the estimate may expand to include a significant amount of equipment. There will be many unusual names - don't hesitate to clarify what each one is for.

Production team fees

For the creative team (director, cinematographer, production designer, art director), rates are usually individual depending on the project. For the technical team, rates are standard depending on the number of hours worked.

Post-production team fees

Rates here are specified variably from project to project: either a flat rate for the entire project or a calculation of the number of hours for each specialist with their rate indicated.

Other and total

This usually includes transportation, food, purchasing rights, or other one-time expenses. Taxes and agency earnings are separately listed in general expenses.

How much does it cost to shoot a video in 2024?

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