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How to make a professional b2b video from stock videos?

Don't shy away from stock footage in your B2B videos! Learn how to use it effectively in our latest article

For some reason, there is an opinion among b2b marketers that when making a video, it’s really necessary to show exclusive footage of your employees and production facilities. But what if you are an IT or an engineering company and do not have large-scale factories, and your team is generally only remote workers?

In fact, using a video made entirely from stock is an adequate approach. Believe me, your viewer at a conference or exhibition will see a beautiful picture branded by you and will not even understand that something is wrong here. If such a technique can be called "something is wrong" :D

But not everything is so simple, otherwise it would be possible to finish the post already :)

Drone shot: filming excavators
Using a video made entirely from stock is an adequate approach

When using stocks, the following is important:

1. Select frames of the same color scheme. Stocks are often difficult to be qualitatively color corrected, so the source material should already be taken in combination in color from the very beginning.

2. It is advisable to look for frames from the same collection from the same author. This will give the illusion that the video consists of frames shot in your space. In the example before 0:53 we took frames with different scenes in the same office and with the same characters.

3. Add something of your own with the help of graphics: a logo on the office wall or a screencast of your program in the employee monitor. For example at 0:40 ; 0:48 ; 2:29 we pasted a screencast of our client's software into the managers' monitors.

4. Edit stocks with a plot. The shots should illustrate what the announcer is talking about. And the frames themselves should broadcast your storytelling. Look at 2:13 - 2:33 all frames here are arranged in one logical chain about planning a controlled explosion in a quarry: 3D graphics (not stock) shows a model of an explosion; the manager works behind the monitor, simulating an explosion; footage of a real explosion.

I would not say that such a video can be cheap. Yes, cheaper than filming. But the cost of buying such a volume of high-quality 4K frames, as in the example, will already start at $1,000

 How to make a professional b2b video from stock videos?

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