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How was Eurovision 2024 shot?

In this post, let's talk about some production tricks that were not noticeable to the ordinary viewer.

The production of Eurovision, as you can imagine, is insanely complex: 1500 specialists worked on the project in the production part, 26 cameras during the show, 7 of them are wireless, and a thousand square meters with LED panels.We once did a project with LEDs - and we definitely know how challenging it is. In short, the work is grandiose - the result is stunning.

Let's start with the winner - Switzerland, Nemo (№01). How technically complex do you think Nemo's platform was? What mechanisms pushed him up? The mechanisms are simple - people 😄 While the operator was shooting Nemo, two assistants pushed the platform from the other side (1:10 backstage).

Croatia and Baby Lasagna (№02) were distinguished by their pyrotechnics - during the performance, there was everything: bursts of fire, single salvos of fireworks, and columns of sparks. If you compare the regular backstage with the rehearsal and the final recording of Eurovision, you can notice how shooting and editing enhance ordinary pyrotechnics.

Slimane's performance from France (№04) stood out for the absence of seams between cameras - all shooting was done with a single camera with a Body Mount stabilization system.

Eden Golan (Israel) (№05) and her team, in addition to standard stage projectors, used additional light on their platform - it turned out to be spectacular!

The Italian team with Angelina Mango (№07) decided to play out the overhead rectangular LED panels, lowering them to the stage and smoothly raising them as the song progressed. Although the final edit took the phase where the panels were already halfway up.

Markus & Martinus from Sweden (№09) constructed a whole light tunnel. Similar solutions on stage stand out significantly - the viewer gets the impression that the beginning of the performance takes place in a studio beyond the stage, and only in the second part do the musicians as if transform onto the Eurovision stage. Isaak (Germany) (№12) also used the illusion of shooting in another space but quickly "broke" the illusion by stepping out of the scenery and leaving them in the background.

Watching Dizzy's performance from England (№18), you could assume that their team was inspired by Nolan and constructed a rotating cube. But it turned out to be simpler - cool choreography and professional acrobats were responsible for the change in gravity.

I want to note that all teams have done tremendous work on their performances, and each of them deserves admiration and applause!

How was Eurovision 2024 shot?

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