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Next level of a professional b2b video

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We have recently finished a big project of filming an image video for a factory that produces insulation material. While planning this video, my client and I discussed different approaches to video marketing and I would like to share the key ideas we came up with:

1. Lack of product presentation. If you look at the market, then most of the videos are based on the principle: we are so big and we make such a cool product and blah blah about its characteristics. It seems that your client is already tired of this. You need to hook the viewer with emotion, not data.

2. Lack of demonstration of all production capacities. Now every video is trying to tell us about every screw and device at the factory - it's boring, it's forgotten. The plant in the video is the scenery within which the plot of the video is revealed.

3. Minimum information. Again, in many videos there is a large information overload and a bunch of messages for the viewer: the number of employees, the number of branches, and the number of screws. All this needs to be sent to the sales manager script, and for the video, leave one key message and reveal it through artistic language.

Conclusion: the next level of b2b video is a bright and memorable video that does not overload the viewer with information and clearly conveys the key idea to him.

Next level of a professional b2b video

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