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The importance of color correction in video advertising

How color correction saved an advertising campaign

A couple of years ago, we filmed a commercial for the Meizu smartphone brand. And not only filmed - we also created an idea for it. As always, the competition in such a market is gigantic and the media weight of competitors is huge.

Shot of a knight holding a smartphone

We needed to be creative. We decided to ride the media agenda. Looking through the trends, we found that a Disney movie about knights is popular among our audience. Without thinking twice, we wrote ideas about how knights film their adventures on a brand-new smartphone.

But how, in addition to the content part, to stick to the trend? This is where we put a lot of emphasis on color correction. In post-production, we scrupulously repeated the color correction of the Disney film - so our video visually resonated with the film.

For such purposes, it is not suitable to paint the video only by the editing director. A separate studio is rented with professional monitors that correctly display all color spectrums. The whole team comes to the studio: general producer, creative director, director, editing director. And together with the colorist they create the color of the video.

The video was very popular - we quickly got the necessary share of coverage and memorability among the audience.

The importance of color correction in video advertising

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