Not a simple b2b video

This may seem like a typical task - to create a B2B video

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Corporate video

Marketing Goal

Improve the company's image

Target Audience

Company contractors

Project Timeline

1 month

Not a simple b2b video

Project Overview

The client for our current case is TECHNOPLEX Factory, a leading manufacturer of thermal insulation boards.

At first glance, this may seem like a typical task - to create a B2B video describing the production process, company capabilities, and the advantages of their products. Our initial vision for the project was supported by the goal of presenting it to their partners.

However, despite our preconceived notions about the project, we approached it with a fresh perspective. We provided a presentation with several video options for the client to choose from, aiming to understand the direction in which the client envisioned this video project.

In our portfolio, we had both traditional videos, as well as videos approaching the format of a mini-movie. 

To our delight, the client was very impressed with the mini-movie reference. During a subsequent online briefing, we discovered that the client genuinely wanted to create a promotional video that portrayed their company in an image-building way, rather than just a traditional presentation. 

Project Execution


The scriptwriting team faced the challenge of finding a metaphor that would capture the spirit of the client's company and be understandable to their business partners. They were looking for a metaphor that could be visually engaging.

We conducted several interviews with employees from various production departments, each with varying levels of experience. The goal was to understand their perspectives on work, emotions, expectations, and the future.

The team generated numerous interesting ideas and gained insights into the company and its operations. This allowed them to present the client with three concepts for the video.

During the briefing, we collectively approved the concept with the working title "The Clock."

The production processes at TECHNOPLEX Plant are operating at the highest level, enabling round-the-clock production. We aim to show the collective and internal workings of the company through the eyes of a new employee, portrayed by an actor. Our protagonist arrives at the production facility and witnesses firsthand that TECHNOPLEX is a well-oiled machine, functioning seamlessly thanks to the coordinated efforts of its employees.

In the video, we propose using rhythmic editing and detailed shots of the production process. Against the backdrop of rhythmic actions reminiscent of a clock mechanism, a voiceover will narrate how our hero, alongside colleagues, overcomes work-related challenges and strives for excellence and precision. The main message is that TECHNOPLEX Plant operates like clockwork and efficiently accomplishes its tasks, all thanks to a united and professional team.


An important aspect that we discussed during the briefing was the choice between using an actor as the main character or employees of the company. Various viewpoints were raised on this matter, but ultimately, we reached a compromise: the main role is played by an actor, while employees of the company take on supporting roles.

It may seem unusual to mention this in the script section, but this decision had a significant impact on the scriptwriting process. If an employee had played the main role, the scriptwriter would have been limited in their ability to express the character. Working with an actor provided the scriptwriter with a wide range of possibilities for planning different scenes right from the scriptwriting stage.

During the scriptwriting process, the concept took on its final form, and a metaphor emerged—a metronome symbolizing the synchronicity of the team's work.

Example storyboard and script for b2b video


Realizing the genre in which we were going to shoot and the creative challenge ahead for the director and cinematographer on set, we began to assemble our team. We were in search of creative professionals whose work showcased precise visualization of the scriptwriter's concept and who had experience filming in unprepared locations with non-professional actors.


The casting process aimed to select an actor for the role of a young factory worker aged between 30 and 35.


We conducted a search and selected the optimal equipment rental location, created a schedule, and coordinated it with the production to precisely determine when the equipment could be turned on or off for our needs. Afterward, we planned the day of shooting.

The shooting process itself unfolded in accordance with the metaphor of the video - precisely and punctually. The entire team captured the necessary footage, and for some shots, we even provided variability to give the editing director options and the ability to create the desired composition and mood.


During the editing process, we utilized artificial intelligence to generate a voiceover track to replace the narrator's text and create a preliminary version of the video. This allowed us to quickly assemble a primary draft and assess the overall composition.

In total, before providing the client with the preliminary final version of the video, we went through three rounds of internal revisions. We experimented with the musical accompaniment and accent placement to achieve the best effect.

After finalizing the rough version with the client, we decided to record the voiceover (or possibly used artificial intelligence... who knows?) and also performed color correction to create the desired atmosphere.


We are attaching the final video for you to evaluate it as well :)

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