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Product advertising is not an easy task

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TV video

Marketing Goal

Product promotio

Target Audience


Project Timeline

1 month

Sausage Videos

Project Overview

Product advertising is not an easy task. Technically, there's nothing particularly special about it, but how do you achieve that 'wow' effect that literally makes the viewer's mouth water?

At the end of November, we received an order for a video advertisement for the Meat Plant. We've done it, delivered the work! Now we want to tell you about the behind-the-scenes of this shoot.

Project Execution

Setting the Task

We needed to create 3 advertising videos with a unified creative concept. Each video's length ranged from 10 to 15 seconds, and the goal was to promote the plant's products on TV and digital platforms. The timelines and budget were limited, so we couldn't change locations. It was expected that the plot would be the same for all the videos.


Work on the project began with preparing references because it's important to understand the client's expectations and offer our own concept right away. We selected video examples of close-ups of dishes, the process of their preparation, and styling. We showed these references to the client and discussed them in a meeting. During the briefing, we determined the themes of the videos and the style of presenting the products. Next, we worked on the timing and treatment. During this time, the client sent the brand book and selected fonts.

Director's Script

The approximate structure of the videos according to the treatment was as follows: 2 seconds to show the ingredients, 4 seconds for the appetizing cooking/slicing, 4 seconds for the beautiful presentation of the product, product shot, and slogan. The editing structure, sound design, and the final shot were the same for all the videos.

We determined the voiceover: an off-screen voice with reference to the father archetype - mature, calm, and gentle. For visualization, we chose a rich warm color scheme, and for sound, we used upbeat rhythmic music with a predominance of the guitar.

Selecting the Studio

We needed a spacious kitchen studio with a suitable interior where we could comfortably place the filming equipment and work as a team. We quickly found a suitable option with a beautiful wooden countertop and stylish dark dishes. The natural wood color emphasized the appetizing nature of the sausages, so we did the slicing on wooden boards.

We found an option with a beautiful wooden countertop


The client was not present on the set. We sent videos from the set to the client promptly, and they approved details through WhatsApp. During the shoot, we adjusted compositions and angles, addressing other requests from the client. By the way, don't believe the common misconception that only props are used in videos. At least in our videos, real sausage products were used.


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