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How to create a high-quality image in a commercial with a limited budget?

By implementing these steps we saved 30% of the budget

Recently, we shot a video for a charitable project with a small budget. Nevertheless, we managed to create a great visual. Later, I will share the video, but now I have some insights.

Here are a few ideas on how to execute a project with limited funds but still achieve a cinematic look:

1. When developing the creative concept, keep in mind that it's best to shoot in a single location. This immediately reduces logistical expenses
2. Find a talented production designer who can create the illusion of multiple settings within a single location. They can transform everything into something unrecognizable! In our project, with the help of our first team, we managed to create three completely different spaces.
3. Seek out an aspiring cinematographer with a good eye but limited experience working with film equipment. They may offer a significantly reduced fee to build their portfolio with high-quality shots.
4. However, it's advisable to hire an experienced technical crew (camera operator, focus puller, gaffer) who can solve any technical issues that may arise on set.
5. Consider casting non-actors as extras who are interested in being part of the project for portfolio-building purposes.

By implementing these steps on our project, we were able to save approximately 30% of the budget.

How to create a high-quality image in a commercial with a limited budget?

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