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How to promote a business video blog on YouTube?

Read it if you agree that content without traffic doesn't exist

Any YouTube marketing budget rule says: allocate 30% of the budget to production, and 70% to promoting the created content. We often explain to clients that without promoting the content, the audience won't come in the desired volume. It turns out that there is content, but no traffic to it - not good.

Today, I would like to discuss paid promotion tools for your YouTube blog. We have the following moves in our arsenal:

  1. Targeted advertising for your videos to the audience segment that are your potential viewers and customers. Done through standard YouTube pre-rolls.
  2. Targeted advertising for your videos on competitors' channels. Also through pre-rolls. The trick is that if your competitor has not disabled advertising on their channel, you can embed your video before theirs.
  3. Posting videos on additional platforms - upload it to Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit. It's better to upload directly to the platform rather than posting with a link to YouTube. Other social networks are reluctant to give their traffic to competitors.
  4. Buy advertising for your vlog from a vlogger with a similar target audience. Let the opinion leader talk about your content and encourage viewers to visit one of your videos. Ideally, if the theme of the author's video and yours overlaps slightly - then the conversion from advertising will be much higher.
  5. Collaborate with an opinion leader in your industry. If this specialist has many subscribers and has a relevant audience to you, confidently plan a release with them on your channel. The video podcast format will be great. The main thing is - after the release, ask the guest to post a link to the video. Traffic influx is guaranteed.

In the comments to the post, I will leave a link to a post indicating free ways to promote your video blog.

How to promote a business video blog on YouTube?

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