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6 Mistakes in Promoting a Business Channel on YouTube

Today, we'll go over the primary mistakes that content creators on YouTube make right from the beginning.

We continue to publish articles from our informative series — the first part of which can be read here — about promoting your business channel on YouTube. Today, we will discuss the common mistakes that content creators on this platform make at the early stages, hindering them from further growth and earning more views on their videos. If you don't want your channel to get lost among others, keep reading.

Error #1: "The shorter, the better!"

Many YouTube creators now believe that the only type of video that becomes popular on the platform is Shorts, or simply short-format videos that your viewers won't have time to get tired of.

However, this is a mistake — and the first nail in the coffin for your channel. Based on examples from several channels, we've noticed that short videos (2 to 4 minutes) do indeed appear more frequently in recommendations for other users. You start getting views, subscribers, and you're overjoyed. But this joy is premature because very quickly (just a couple of videos later), YouTube stops playing into your ego and recommending you to viewers, and your channel starts slowly but surely dying out.

Experience shows that longer videos (8-10 minutes) are much better received by the platform over a longer period of time, and all you have to do is ensure the quality of the content you deliver. Our advice: maintain a balance between short and long formats — moderation is key.

Error #2: "I'll just re-upload it!"

The belief of many creators on YouTube that they can simply delete or hide a video, then re-upload it and get the same number of views is amusing, but unfortunately untrue. We conducted an experiment to prove this truth: we opened two channels — one with original videos, the other with repeated and re-uploaded ones, and observed the users' reactions.

In the first case, even though new videos were not released for months, the channel continued to gain views (thousands, sometimes tens of thousands!), while the second one received... ten. Yes, ten views.That's how dismal it all was. So never start a channel if you only plan to publish re-uploaded videos.

Error #3: "Who are all these people?"

Let's say you followed our previous advice, and on top of that, you paid for advertising, promoted yourself everywhere possible, and the results came quickly. People are watching you, liking your content, and subscribing to you. So what's the problem? The answer: non-targeted audience.

If too many people who clicked on your video also watch videos that are significantly different from yours in genre and style, then you'll be recommended to those who aren't really interested in you. Unfortunately, it's really that easy to confuse the algorithms of this platform. So the fact is: attracting a targeted audience on YouTube through advertising is more difficult than it seems, and you'll probably need the help of a professional for this.

Error #4: "I'm trending!"

It's simple: if the currently popular topic doesn't align with the style of your channel, don't pay attention to it and move on. There's no need to force things! If you make a trendy video on a topic that isn't a priority for you, you risk being forever hostage to that trend. Alternatively, the situation may unfold like this: you publish a video on a popular topic, get a ton of likes, and... Well, that's about it. None of your other videos will receive even a fraction of those previous views.

Error #5: "Why do I need a thumbnail?"

You can create wonderful videos that are interesting to your audience, meticulously planned, entertaining, and unique. But! Don't forget about the enticing thumbnail. You'll be surprised how many platform users value such seemingly small details. Moreover, the platform itself is much more likely to recommend your video to other users.

Error #6: "Jack of all trades, master of none"

We personally don't doubt your talents, but the viewers who came to listen to football match critiques may not be pleased if you start talking about, let's say, finances or the political situation in Sudan. It's not just about the obvious shift in focus, but also the fact that you may simply not be...sufficiently knowledgeable on the subject.

Find your niche and don't let anyone steer you off course! That's what we did with one of our clients — a network of bicycle shops. Considering that the niche wasn't oversaturated, thanks to our team and the thoughtfulness of the channel's topics, it quickly started gaining view sand subscribers, while staying true to itself.

If after reading this you still have questions about promoting your channel, feel free to reach out to us. We're always ready to answer your questions and help with the development of your creation.

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